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Certified 100% Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished.
Animal Welfare Approved.

Lawrence, Ks

MJ Ranch Lawrence, KS

MJ Ranch ANGUS BEEF is certified by A Greener World as being 100% GRASS-FED. It is the grass, without any grain, that our cattle dine on that makes this the healthiest beef you can eat. Our cattle are born and raised on our family owned and operated 670-acre Ranch just outside of Lawrence, Kansas. We take pride in raising only authentic grass-fed/grass-finished beef; without using hormones, antibiotics, or using pesticides/herbicides on our pastures. Three generations of Williams’ live on the Ranch and manage the family herd and operations

Pricing Information

BEEF from our Ranch to your Table… for a Healthier YOU!

Health Benefits

 Grass-Fed Beef is Healthier. It is lower in cholesterol, saturated fats and calories per serving than grain-fed beef.

Our Practices

MJ Ranch is certified by A Greener World for both the 100% Grass-Fed Beef Production and Animal Welfare Approved. 

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