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Raised using Humane, Sustainable Farming Practices.
We do not spray our pastures with synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Our cattle are never shut in crowded, confined feedlots.  We fertilize our pastures the "natural" way--the cattle spread the manure as they graze!

All Beef is 100% Grass-Fed.
MJ Ranch is certified by A Greener World for both the 100% Grass-Fed Beef Production and Animal Welfare Approved.  This means our beeves receive only grass/hay after they are weaned from their mothers' milk, at abaut 10 months, and that all animals receive humane treatment all their lives!.  Cattle are rotated on lush green pastures during the summer. Our own high quality brome and alfalfa/clover hay is rolled out on the pastures during the winter months.  Not confining animals prevents land erosion and groundwater contamination.  We rotate our cattle on pasture all year simply by calling to them. 

Our Processing Follows USDA Standards.
Our processing plant is reputable with decades of experience. They process our beef before conventional beef and keep it separate from other beef.

Our beef, born and raised on our ranch, can always be TRACED BACK TO OUR HERD BY A NUMBERING SYSTEM-- enabling us to identify the cuts of meat each person purchases.





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